Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beachtimes Grid (9.12.09)


Jay and I decided to take the pup to Half Moon Bay yesterday, where it was surprisingly misty and cold. It was refreshing though, and we had a good time.

Jay says I make the face in number five a lot. Not so good, really. Also, where did those freckles come from?!

I'm going to have some work up at the Art Ark gallery in San Jose starting Monday. The reception is Sep. 20th from 1-5, there's also a closing reception during first Fridays in October. You should come!

Grid for 9.9.09


Another day, another insect. Arachnid. You know. From what I can gather from the internet, this is a Golden Orb-Weaver Spider. When I first saw it the spider looked like it was floating in the air because its web was so fine. It stayed still the whole time I was shooting, even though I got pretty close with my lens.

I've been trying to focus on other subjects beyond insects, but they just keep appearing in my life. I suppose I can do both, if nothing else it give me a great joy to discover these beautiful little things.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grid for 9.8.09


Another grid from my parents' home in Fresno. A dragonfly was caught in the screen door and I only had a few minutes to shoot these before he figured out what was up and flew away. Number one is beautiful and number eleven makes me sad for some reason.

About two years ago I discovered my multi-lens technique with a dragonfly, so to me they are a lucky sign. Dragonflies are really strange, archaic things. I like them a lot, but you won't catch me wearing one. I like them too much for that.

Homtime Grid (9.6.09)


Day two of my visit to my parents' in Fresno. Three and four feather my sister's and my senior portraits. Who made the smart decision to not cut herself 11 year old's bangs before senior portrait time? Not me!

That globe in number two is really, really old. Like pre-USSR old.

My mom made pudding (numbers six, eleven, twelve) because Syd (ten, with my sister) won first place in his bike race. Go Syd!

Doesn't my mom's hair (eight) look great?

For some reason Contact Sheet II keeps putting these out of order when it didn't before. Come on now.

Football Grid (9.5.09)


Football season is upon us, and for me that means getting dragged out to various tiny Central Valley towns to see my little brother play whenever I visit my parents. Here my brother's team was playing in Mendota, the "Cantaloupe Capitol of the World". My little bro is number 70, he's a kicker, and you can see him doing his thing (in a blurry way) in number twelve.

My favorite by far is number eight, which was some crazy dad who kept yelling all night. I am impressed by how majestic I made his nasty little beard. (It was nasty. It really was.)

This has nothing to do with any of the photos, but man the recession has hit the Central Valley hard. Mendota, always a pretty small town, seemed so sad and empty. San Joaquin, always a pretty sad down, seemed fit to implode. It makes me sad to see these towns struggling, they're so important. Without them everything would be so homogenized.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunny (grid for 9.3.09)


Heston and I enjoying the sun in our own ways.

I mean, just look at that guy. Could anyone or anything be happier than that pup in a sunbeam? I don't think so.

Superflash (grid for 8.31.09)


I have a bit of a backlog but I won't push it though all at once, I promise!

Another LOST picture in number 2. On this day I did both the laundry (6) and the dishes (7). Nine is for my loom, which I haven't touched but I need to. This was so long ago now that I don't even have any witty commentary.

I just keep doing this though, even when the pictures are boring. I think its the boring days that push me to do better.