Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vaughn's First Birthday Party (8.16.09)

Maybe I'm posting too many of these in a row, but I don't know how many people even read this, much less how many of those people care that I'm going to post 5 updates in a row.


This is my nephew Vaughn, he just turned one. He is a happy baby, also a very photographed one. At one point I counted 5 cameras on this kid. It made my efforts seem a little futile, but I like to think that I took the best pictures. The kid with the black hair is my other nephew, Trace, who is a nice kid and photographs exceedingly well. The other kid, who doesn't photograph well is my brother Caleb (its a Schumacher thing I suppose).

I adore Caleb. He is 13 and is so awkward that I can't help but stick up for him all the time. Which makes him feel more awkward. What a sister.

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