Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things in My Kitchen (Grid for 8.26.09)


I read once that when you are having artist's block you should paint/shoot everything in your kitchen. I wasn't even thinking of that when I started shooting the bowls, I was just watching for dinner to finish cooking (Hamburger Helper, natch. I only roll classy, you know). Who knew that my kitchen shelves would bounce my flash so nicely? And check out that Spock cup. Old Spock and new Spock!

I would also like to brag a little: The tomatoes and the pepper are from my garden. I grew those.

Also also, have you ever tried Barefoot Coffee? It is the best coffee in the Bay Area, for sure.


amanda said...

it's like what jeanette pasin-sloane did, only you don't smoke like a chimney!

Truck Town said...

I hope that butter has not been sitting on your shelf for like 3 weeks next to some refried beans (ps: what is that picasso duck?)

Centa said...

Amanda- next maybe i'll take my naked reflection in my tea kettle. or not.

jesse (?) - butter can sit out! it is ok to do that. refried beans, however, cannot. Also, the little dude is one of those easter basket decorations, its supposed to be a baby chick. I took this one from my parent's this past easter specifically for his picasso-like visage