Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Fiddling (8.21.09)


As you can see, my basil has gone to seed and its far too late to fix it :(

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the novelty steins. Jay and I each have one, Avon made them in the 90's and there's basically one for every nerdy interest. Jay drinks from the Country Music one (preferred beverage: Simple Times beer from Trader Joes) whereas I hoist from the "Conquest of Space" stein (not as preferred beverage: Coors Light). Check that thing out though, the handle is a Saturn rocket! The Eagle Lunar Lander is on the side! There's an astronaut on top! I can't say as much about Jay's, I think the Carter family is on it.

I would like to encourage a trend of hip internetty types drinking out of Avon novelty steins. To do so, I have found ebay links for other amazing steins so that you too can get in on the action!

For the history buff, a tribute to the Gold Rush

For the acquirer of California facts, a Rainbow Trout stein

My personal favorite, "Great Dogs of the Outdoors"

So, awesome people out there! Get a stein, they're only like 20 bucks and you can fit not one but TWO cans/bottles of beer in them.

(A small ebay complaint: I wish they had some sort of social networky "share" feature so that you all could actually see pictures of these instead of clicking on links. I know how lazy you are and I know you don't want to click on anything.)

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Adam said...

Awesome! Glad you're blogging again.

I'll probably start mine up again as I start working on my portfolio and all that