Saturday, August 22, 2009


So, I'm trying this again, thanks to some gentle prodding from my friend Luis and some very strong prodding from my own self. I've redone the format a little, the pictures are bigger so you can, you know, see what's going on. Maybe I'll write a little more, too. Maybe.


This was from 7/30/09, so I guess its a little old by now, but I love these images. The kid is my cousin Ben. Doesn't he have nice hands? I love his thumbs.

Last year for Christmas I made Ben a photo calendar with pictures of animals. While we were walking on the beach he told me, "Centa, you know how you can make money taking pictures? You should make calendars, because you make really nice ones. You can make them about all kinds of things, like you could make a beach one or even one just about rocks." So these pictures are for our calendar about rocks.

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