Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mayra & Luis' Wedding (8.1.09)


This was a hell of a day. Woke up early and took my last walk on the beach before entering into a frenzy of getting-ready-for-wedding-ness. Jay picked me up in Cayucos and we hauled ass to Monterey to be there for Mayra and Luis' wedding. However, Mayra is a cool lady and Luis is a cool dude, so it was worth it. I was their table settings photographer (because Luis knows like 80 bazillion photographers so everyone did a tiny part of the photography), which sent me into a details oriented bliss for a while.

This was the only wedding I've ever been to where there was tequila instead of champagne, and I definitely approve. The shot glasses had the date of their wedding on them, but of course Jay and I are fools and left ours at the wedding.

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lupecato said...

Hey Centa...

No words... (big smile) Thank you and Jay for being with us in our big day. (smile)

I'll get the shot glasses to you when we get together.

Muchas Gracias! (big smile)

Mr. and Mrs. Castillo