Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hands (grid for 8.29.09)


Four & five = engagement ring love, which is obnoxious I know but that is what blogs are for, obnoxious vain crap.

Seven: dog rump!

Nine, ten, eleven: intentionally overexposed! I particularly like eleven, which also happens to be my lucky number.

Twelve: I introduced Heston to Daisy, with adorable results. Daisy, suprisingly, was not afraid at all and Heston was a gentleman, as always.

So, tomorrow the finalists for Critical Mass are announced. I may have entered. I may be waiting on the edge of my seat for the results, even though I have next to no chance because no one knows who I am. I get a book out of it no matter what so I guess its ok.

Grid for 8.28.09


How do you feel about the numbers/font? Not sure myself, maybe it isn't the right font. Maybe I'm too lazy to change it.

Kind of a simple subject grid because I had guests coming so I had to hurry up and meet my quota. Check out the squash (personal fav, number seven)! I grew that with my own bare hands! The tomato too! A few weeks ago I had about seventy million tomatos (I'm under-estimating here) and I made some tomato sauce with them. Talk about amazing! I highly recommend growing your own food, it is gratifying in a way that can't be explained.

Summer Evening Grid (8.27.09)


New and improved! With numbers for easy reference!

This was a lazy hanging out outside while waiting for food to grill kind of grid. The ultimate griller did most of the work (#5) while I hung around with the dog and drank a peach beer (#2, 3, & 4). Aren't my shoes awesome? Just had to say that.

Also, doesn't number six remind you of LOST?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things in My Kitchen (Grid for 8.26.09)


I read once that when you are having artist's block you should paint/shoot everything in your kitchen. I wasn't even thinking of that when I started shooting the bowls, I was just watching for dinner to finish cooking (Hamburger Helper, natch. I only roll classy, you know). Who knew that my kitchen shelves would bounce my flash so nicely? And check out that Spock cup. Old Spock and new Spock!

I would also like to brag a little: The tomatoes and the pepper are from my garden. I grew those.

Also also, have you ever tried Barefoot Coffee? It is the best coffee in the Bay Area, for sure.

Heston Grid (8.25.09)


So, as I mentioned before, Jay and I got a dog. What I didn't mention is how I have wanted a dog fiercely for years. So, I'm just warning you now, I will probably take a million pictures of him because he is the best thing to happen to me in a long time. But he's cute, right? So then its ok.

I don't like the pinkish cast these all have but I was evidently too lazy to try to fix it. Its been a tiring week, school started Monday.

Also, because of his coloring, I think Heston looks like a balding old man. I like this.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Grid for 8.24.2009


I get annoyed too easily. This doesn't have anything to do with this set of photos, I'm just putting it out there.

Here I go again trying to take my own picture. I kinda like these, although I'm a little frowny. Hell, I'm always a little frowny.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Saturday Afternoon Fiddling (8.21.09)


As you can see, my basil has gone to seed and its far too late to fix it :(

Also, I would like to draw your attention to the novelty steins. Jay and I each have one, Avon made them in the 90's and there's basically one for every nerdy interest. Jay drinks from the Country Music one (preferred beverage: Simple Times beer from Trader Joes) whereas I hoist from the "Conquest of Space" stein (not as preferred beverage: Coors Light). Check that thing out though, the handle is a Saturn rocket! The Eagle Lunar Lander is on the side! There's an astronaut on top! I can't say as much about Jay's, I think the Carter family is on it.

I would like to encourage a trend of hip internetty types drinking out of Avon novelty steins. To do so, I have found ebay links for other amazing steins so that you too can get in on the action!

For the history buff, a tribute to the Gold Rush

For the acquirer of California facts, a Rainbow Trout stein

My personal favorite, "Great Dogs of the Outdoors"

So, awesome people out there! Get a stein, they're only like 20 bucks and you can fit not one but TWO cans/bottles of beer in them.

(A small ebay complaint: I wish they had some sort of social networky "share" feature so that you all could actually see pictures of these instead of clicking on links. I know how lazy you are and I know you don't want to click on anything.)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heston (8.21.09)


Jay and I got an English Bulldog, who we named Heston. You know, after Moses. He is probably the cutest thing ever, people even stop us in parking lots to tell us that, so its not just me. He is smooshy and cuddly and he snores, so he fits right in with Jay and I.

It has been unexpectedly nice to have a dog. Growing up (on the farm, yehaw) we always had at least three dogs, usually more, so Heston has filled a little gap that I wasn't even aware of until we got him.

Vaughn's First Birthday Party (8.16.09)

Maybe I'm posting too many of these in a row, but I don't know how many people even read this, much less how many of those people care that I'm going to post 5 updates in a row.


This is my nephew Vaughn, he just turned one. He is a happy baby, also a very photographed one. At one point I counted 5 cameras on this kid. It made my efforts seem a little futile, but I like to think that I took the best pictures. The kid with the black hair is my other nephew, Trace, who is a nice kid and photographs exceedingly well. The other kid, who doesn't photograph well is my brother Caleb (its a Schumacher thing I suppose).

I adore Caleb. He is 13 and is so awkward that I can't help but stick up for him all the time. Which makes him feel more awkward. What a sister.



I'm a little embarrassed about these ones because they are of me! Not that you could really tell I suppose. I have always been wary of self portraits, I don't like showing my face, I don't like coming off as self obsessed. I hate showing people pictures of myself, even just normal ones. So I forced myself to deal with it a little, forced myself in front of the camera and tried to show a version of myself that I was comfortable with. I like these, there's something powerful there.

Mayra & Luis' Wedding (8.1.09)


This was a hell of a day. Woke up early and took my last walk on the beach before entering into a frenzy of getting-ready-for-wedding-ness. Jay picked me up in Cayucos and we hauled ass to Monterey to be there for Mayra and Luis' wedding. However, Mayra is a cool lady and Luis is a cool dude, so it was worth it. I was their table settings photographer (because Luis knows like 80 bazillion photographers so everyone did a tiny part of the photography), which sent me into a details oriented bliss for a while.

This was the only wedding I've ever been to where there was tequila instead of champagne, and I definitely approve. The shot glasses had the date of their wedding on them, but of course Jay and I are fools and left ours at the wedding.


So, I'm trying this again, thanks to some gentle prodding from my friend Luis and some very strong prodding from my own self. I've redone the format a little, the pictures are bigger so you can, you know, see what's going on. Maybe I'll write a little more, too. Maybe.


This was from 7/30/09, so I guess its a little old by now, but I love these images. The kid is my cousin Ben. Doesn't he have nice hands? I love his thumbs.

Last year for Christmas I made Ben a photo calendar with pictures of animals. While we were walking on the beach he told me, "Centa, you know how you can make money taking pictures? You should make calendars, because you make really nice ones. You can make them about all kinds of things, like you could make a beach one or even one just about rocks." So these pictures are for our calendar about rocks.