Sunday, May 10, 2009



I unintentionally slacked off on this project, so I'm restarting it now! This is from last weekend, which was a good weekend. This weekend has been kind of sluggish so far.


Did I mention that I am engaged? To Jay, even? (see above grillin-dude) This partially explains why I have slacked off in the 12-photos department. Planning a wedding is crazy! Why knew that people were going to care about the color of your napkins? (THEY DO.)

For those of you who care about these things, we are thinking next June, Madonna Inn.

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qasia said...

Hey! I saw your comment about the wedding ring workshop over at apracticalwedding. I commented over there, but don't know how closely you follow those things so you might not see it.

My fiance and I just made our rings with the wedding ring workshop earlier this month (down in San Diego). It was completely awesome and I really recommend it if you can afford it.

It's pricey if you just want really plain bands, but if you want anything fancier it can actually be cheaper than buying rings (buying a ring similar to the one my fiance made for me would have been more than the cost of the whole experience!)

Even if you want something really plain it would be awesome (just not so cost effective!)

Sorry for the long comment, I didn't see an email anywhere. If you want to know any more about our experience or see any of the pics, just email me!

Congratulations on the engagement!