Saturday, May 16, 2009



Let me give you a numbered description:

1) Jesus embroidery, kitchen 2)Hello Kitty shot glass 3)Alfred 4)Good luck! 5) Screaming rock 6)grumplet 7)David Lynch 8) fiance 9) pincushion 10) upskirt sailormoon 11) synthesizer (yeah we have some) 12) guinea pig dance

Tuesday, May 12, 2009



Today was a sorta weird day. Spent a lot of time embroidering onto my weaving (see above) and watching star trek (also see above). Shake and bake for dinner, really tasty even if that is embarrassing to admit.



There are only 7 images here because after the last one was taken the grill lit on fire! We were ok, but those tasty burgers were ruined.

Sunday, May 10, 2009



Yesterday I slept too much and then watched a Japanese horror movie that ended up having a heavy-handed pro-life message. I want my time back.



The flower is from a squash plant in my garden. I already have several squash growing! I am excited about the garden.

Also, I made chocolate covered strawberries! These are amazingly easy to make and everyone is verrrry impressed when you bring them to something (like a final critique in studio photography). Want a recipe?



I unintentionally slacked off on this project, so I'm restarting it now! This is from last weekend, which was a good weekend. This weekend has been kind of sluggish so far.


Did I mention that I am engaged? To Jay, even? (see above grillin-dude) This partially explains why I have slacked off in the 12-photos department. Planning a wedding is crazy! Why knew that people were going to care about the color of your napkins? (THEY DO.)

For those of you who care about these things, we are thinking next June, Madonna Inn.