Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tired colors

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The first one was inspired by Adam ( All of these have the same muted colors, unintended but interesting. It is interesting to see how my mood effects what I end up shooting.

On tv there is a girl standing in a hotel made of ice with candles on her head. St. Luica's day? December 13th. Its a celebration of light.

Speaking of light, here is the moon and Venus, looking lovely as always.


This is the kind of picture my dad would like.

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Adam said...

Hooray I inspired something! (I think we both like to use our art making items [lenses] in unconventional ways)

I like the effect your lens construction uses gives, some of these look sort of solarized (do a blog on your lens contraptions)

I also really like the one on the right on the third row, with the nails in wood.