Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Sometimes I freak out and think that I am a terrible artist. Sometimes I take a picture like this and get cocky. Neither is productive.

I'm concerned with my output. Not enough work being made. I'm afraid this new job I'm getting will take all my time away again. At my old job I never had weekends. Rarely had a day off, I was either at work or school or both. I'm worried that this will happen again, hell, it will happen again. But its either work away all my free time or mooch off my boyfriend and parents. One of these is better than the other but both are awful. (In the UK they would call this whingeing)

Well, this blog was supposed to be about my art making process. I keep coming back to leaves when I shoot. They are so articulate. Well designed. Did you know that the way branches form--with one study branch that shoots off into thinner ones that eventually grow and produce even more branches--is the same way our veins form in our body? Nature is efficient.

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This is a good one and sorry I couldn't make it to your show :(