Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking through the peephole in the front door


Took most of these out in the front yard, where I ran into the mailman.

"New camera?" he asks.
"Got it for Christmas, still getting to know it," I reply.
"There's a hawk that lives up in the blue building, you should take pictures of that."

Also, the pictures of the interiors of the house--the blinds, the peephole, the windows --remind me of the shut-in feeling I get about living in the city. I can hear other people's lives happen if I open the windows, so we usually keep them shut. That doesn't happen in the country. This is neither good nor bad, here no there, just something to think about.


Here's the final version of that studio shoot I posted earlier in the week. We were supposed to recreate an image from art history and add a modern product. I chose this Man Ray photograph, mostly because I love Man Ray. I should have thaought about that more when I chose the image, because this one was a little difficult to light. It turned out pretty good in the end though, don't you think?

Tonight I'm getting Thai food with some photo friends, isn't that good?

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Adam said...

Man Ray! I totally didn't realize that the first time I saw your picture, but something about it did seem familiar. I think it came out pretty good!