Monday, February 23, 2009



By the time I got home today it was dark, so I busted out good ol 430exII and scooted around a little. Can I just pause and gush about that flash a little? It is a good one. You know, everyone goes on and on about the 530exII and stuff, but my little 430 is a trooper! And its smaller. And its awesome. Canon users, I recommend it. Nikon users, you are out of luck. For several reasons. (I kid I kid!) So I took some flash pictures of the rose hips, which made them look pretty eerie to me.

Also, check out my guinea pigs. They are always cute. Sweetpea (the black one) is always so hard to photograph because she is so dark, she absorbs all light and the rest of the picture is horridly overexposed. Its tough being a piglet I guess.

One last thing: The outlet. For some reason that plug looks really ominous to me. Maybe that means I'm turning into David Lynch. I mean, that'd be cool. Sorta.

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Adam said...

Oh man, those outlets. I know what you mean.

(this would have been funnier if i could have gotten the HTML to work)