Thursday, July 3, 2008

Things These Days


Lately I've been taking quite a few pictures of leaves. Basically, it is the only thing I have been shooting.


Well, I've been trying to shoot other things, but the only things that I end up liking are these leaves. I feel like this is a subject matter that could quickly turn boring to the viewer, but to me it is an endless source of fascination. When I take these up-close images it is like I'm exploring this new landscape no one has seen before. I know that's not really true, but hell, I've never seen this kind of thing before.


I always try to figure out why I'm drawn to certain things. For a while it was making images transparent (I'm still into that), and then there were all the bugs, and now these leaves. I guess it all started when I went through a time when I would photograph nothing but trees. I get suck in these modes, but I've made good work from all of them so I guess it isn't a bad thing at all.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with s bug series or a leaf series or a tree series, it's like a strange view into an ecosystem