Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Closeups


I found this guy while I was on a walk with my sister and her boyfriend. After I took the picture and showed it to them, Syd gave me one of the best compliments I have ever received. He said, "Now, I would have just walked on past this, but you see stuff like this and make awesome pictures from it."

Soon I'm going to make a post about how exactly I make these pictures. It involves too many adapter type things, that's for sure.

Tomorrow I'm going to work on an assignment for one of my classes, its an exposure test for the ZONE SYSTEM, which sometimes I think is an awesome way to go about things, and sometimes I think it is defunct. Minor White, one of my favorite photographers, was all about it, he even co-authored a book about it (which I own and have read the first 10 pages of, heh). Anyone else have any feelings about the ZONE SYSTEM?

Also, please recommend me some good blogs, your blogs and other people's.


- said...

My blog is not very good :(

Centa said...

Lies! It is enjoyable! Come on, be a blogger.