Monday, April 28, 2008


Things that have been bouncing around my head:

-Book-binding. I want to make a nice-looking book for the final project in one of my classes. Here are a few good sites I found today:
Bookbinding For Beginners: A reproduced text from 1917 I believe, a little dense but good instructions.
Making Books With Children: I'm probably going to do some of these projects first, they are written for kids so they are pretty simple but still have lots of potential.
Rag and Bone Blog: A really awesome blog written by a bookbinder. It also has lots of art-inspiration type posts.

-Embroidery! I embroidered a set of napkins for my mom for her birthday, which I forgot to take a picture of, of course. They each had a different animal that could be found around the farm. I'm trying to think of a way to fuse my photographic interests with my sewing and embroidery skills in a way that isn't hokey.

-Rini Templeton mostly made art as activism. She referred to her work as "Xerox Art" because she made her bold, simplistic images with the express purpose of having them put on fliers and posters, so she wanted them to be easily reproduced. Her work is available to use even now in fliers and pamphlets (find out more on the website), but its her simple nature scenes that I really like. They would make nice tattoos or embroidery patterns (jeez aren't those on two ends of the spectrum?)

-Lists. I am a list maker, but not in any way that actually keeps me organized. My sketchbook is filled with lists like this:

extra hours
runny nose
warm skin
warm bed
brown eyes
waking up
cold light
glass of water

They just appear. I don't know why.


Kate said...

I'm a fan of How to Make Books

- said...

Make some books, that is rad