Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Here are some bowls I made in my ceramics class. I've been having a good time making these, but I think glazing is my favorite part. Wheel throwing is so different from photography. I've always felt that photography is the most attention-deficit of the art forms, especially now with digital photography you can immediately see what you've done and move on to the next thing. Yes yes, there is post-production work in Photoshop and whatnot, but it is nothing compared to throwing a piece, waiting a few days for it to harden up, trimming it, waiting for it to dry some more, then bisque firing it for a day before finally glazing it and firing it for three to four days!


Ceramics is definitely teaching me to be more patient. It is also something that takes quite a bit of work and dedication. Generally I have been throwing all semester and these are the first things I have made that I am genuinely excited to show other people.

Its also very different to make objects that will be used. Photos are just to be looked at, where as with these, people can eat out of them! They are useful, too! This isn't demeaning my photographs in any way, but its just a different way to view things.


Here I am eating lunch out of something I made myself! That, by the way, is macaroni and cheese, something I make very well.


This one is probably my favorite. That shape is an imprint of my own hand on the glaze. :) Here are a couple more. Is this post too image-heavy?



What do you think of them? Which one is your favorite?

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Totally rad! I had fun in my ceramics class, but I also found it hard. Nice choice of glazes also. I think I like the first one the best.